Robert Griffin III Likely Will Remain with Washington

By Rachel Wold

According to Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden, it looks like quarterback Robert Griffin III will remain in Washington for the 2015 season, as reported by NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport.

RGIII, who has often been the center of criticism by Gruden, looks like he won’t be in need of finding a new team come 2015. Reportedly, Gruden doesn’t care who the Redskins quarterback is as long as it’s “someone who can handle the system.”

Also according to Rapoport, the team’s owner Daniel Snyder is determined not to start all over with the quarterback position.

From the sidelines, this doesn’t exactly look like a solid plan moving into 2015 recognizing that Griffin has struggled tremendously in so many areas. Griffin has been the butt of criticism by analysts as well, picking on the fact he blatantly misses open wide receivers, and overall looking like a lost child.

With only one more game left after today’s game to prove himself, RGIII has a mountain of work to do this offseason to see if he can even find the hint of the 2012 rookie who almost seems like a different person now.

With this said, Washington has all of its draft picks this upcoming year and spare money to invest in the open market, so the temptation for the team to look in another direction in 2015 certainly has its appeal.

Photo: Washington Post