Report: NFL GMs think Robert Griffin III will doom Hue Jackson

Robert Griffin III

The long standing issues that the Cleveland Browns have at both the quarterback and head coaching positions may not yet be fixed. Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman quoted three top-level NFL men who left no doubt that they think Robert Griffin III will destroy Hue Jackson’s tenure in Cleveland.

“RG3 is going to bury Hue,” Freeman quoted one general manager as saying.

“Hue is going to find out that RG3 isn’t coachable,” were the words of another executive.

“RG3 is going to drag Hue down with him,” according to a scout.

Wow. Tell us what you really think. So, what are the specific problems?

“The main two beefs of those executives seem to be that RG3 isn’t disciplined enough to be a franchise quarterback, and that his knee injury takes away his main threat: mobility.”

Griffin’s injury history is hard to argue with. Since winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award in 2012, Griffin hasn’t been sharp, even when he has played. When he’s been on the field, RG3 hasn’t looked like the same guy that won the Heisman and top rookie honors. Certainly, a quarterback with that kind of history has a lot of question marks behind him.

Still, that’s not exactly a reason that he’ll bury Hue Jackson. If Griffin is ineffective, Jackson should bench him relatively quickly. If that doesn’t happen, then we should expect Jackson’s time in Cleveland to be short and unmemorable.

The same goes for Griffin’s discipline, at least on the field. In that rookie season, he tossed 20 touchdowns against only five picks for the Washington Redskins. Over the 2013 and 2014 seasons, he threw 20 total touchdowns against 18 picks. That’s certainly not the ratio that the Browns want.

Again, though, Jackson doesn’t have to stay with Griffin for a long time. He can always bench the quarterback and head into 2017 looking to acquire a new one via trade, free agency, or the draft. Unfortunately, it’s been reported that RG3 won’t have a short leash and that the Browns plan on giving him every opportunity to thrive.

When push comes to shove, Griffin is a one-year experiment. If he works out, great. If he doesn’t, it’s a bad start to Jackson’s reign as Cleveland’s head coach, but it shouldn’t necessarily be strong enough to bury him.