Rob Manfred: Chief Wahoo resolution not likely until after 2017 season

Rob Manfred

With the entire baseball world in Miami for Tuesday’s All-Star Game, commissioner Rob Manfred had a press conference. During which, he was asked about a number of different things, including the controversial Chief Wahoo logo, used by the Cleveland Indians.

Manfred doesn’t expect any resolution on the matter before the end of the season.

This is not a call for the Indians to get rid of Chief Wahoo, nor is it a call for them to keep it. That’s a different argument for a different day. But this particular stance is absolutely baffling.

If this was a developing issue, waiting wouldn’t be a bad thing. In that case, you want to wait until all of the facts are heard and arguments are made. But much like the controversy over the Washington Redskins, this debate has been going on for years.

Is something new going to come to light in the next three months to identify a clear path on this issue? No. In fact, don’t expect to hear any new arguments if this debate goes for another three years, or even three decades.

Putting this debate off is only dividing the two sides of the argument more. The more the same arguments are heard from either side, the more frustrated the people on the other side get.

Manfred and MLB would do well to make a decision on this and go with it. Indeed, it will bother a good portion of people. That’s what happens with controversial. But trying to push the decision down the road or find some non-existent middle ground is just bothersome to everyone.