Richard Sherman wants to play out career with Seahawks

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman has been the topic of many trade talks through the offseason. But per Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times, Sherman not only feels good about his future but wants to finish his career with the Seattle Seahawks.

Normally, comments like this are hardly worth mentioning. It’s rare that a player of Sherman’s caliber would ever come out and say that he wants to retire with any team other than the one he’s currently with. When an athlete has experienced as much success as Sherman has had with the Seahawks, those kind of comments would be even more rare.

But Sherman’s situation is unique.

First of all, Sherman has never been bashful about speaking his mind. He’s ruffled feathers in the past and that’s never slowed him down.

Secondly, the rumors were a prevalent part of Seattle’s off-season. The Seahawks weren’t looking to give Sherman away, but he was very much on the trade block. These weren’t just rumors, either. They were confirmed by Seahawks general manager John Schneider. Moreover, some reports suggested that Sherman was the one who initiated the talks.

Again, Sherman has always been honest, sometimes brutally so. There’s a lot to criticize him for, but it’s always been hard to accuse him of doing anything but speaking the truth. If he says he wants to finish his career in Seattle, we have to take it as more than just a safe, P.C. line. But if it is accurate, it’s a rather strong change from what we’ve seen and heard since the 2016 season ended.