Rex Ryan takes responsibility for defensive blunder

The Buffalo Bills are nearing the end of the Rex Ryan experiment. With one more game remaining in a lost season, the Bills are likely prepared to move on from Ryan after just two years.

The issues we’ve seen from Buffalo under Ryan came out in a glaring representation of the team’s struggles Saturday against the Miami Dolphins.

With the game in overtime after his team put up one heck of a performance in regulation, Buffalo yielded a 57-yard run to Jay Ajayi, thus setting up a game-winning field goal for the Dolphins.

It just so happens that Buffalo’s defense had 10 players on the field at the time of the run. A horrendous mistake that should cost coaches their jobs (more on that here).

True to form, Ryan took responsibility for the miscue that eliminated Buffalo from playoff contention.

“Should have had 11 on the field,” Ryan said, via Pro Football Talk. “One hundred percent of what happens on the field is my responsibility.”

Taking responsibility is one thing. Not letting something as ridiculous as that happen is a completely different thing. And in reality, it’s the perfect culmination of Ryan’s tenure in Western New York.

For his part, Ryan seems to see the writing on the wall here.

“That’s about as painful of a loss as I can remember,” Ryan continued. “It’s a loss you lose sleep over.”

Painful as in he knows what’s about to happen. Unfortunately for those Ryan apologists out there, one mistake could be the final nail in the coffin of his Bills career.