Rex Ryan says bad weather, small hands, is why he didn’t sign Michael Vick

Quarterback Michael Vick remains one of the older veterans who is still a free agent. While that is a sad fact for Vick, he can take comfort in the fact that Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan did consider signing him onto the team.

However, Vick never got the chance to shine in Buffalo this year because Ryan doesn’t think he has the physique to be a bad-weather quarterback (via NBC Sports Radio h/t ESPN):

“I had a conversation with Mike,” Ryan said. “Mike’s an outstanding athlete, he’s a tremendous person. I really enjoyed my year with Mike [last season with the Jets], and he’s great for a team. However, our conditions are a little different than most teams in this league. And Mike will tell you, he’s not built really [to be] a bad-weather quarterback. He doesn’t have great, big hands, and the weather affects him some. And he’d be the first one to tell you.”

Vick played under Ryan during his one-year stint with the New York Jets in 2014. Unfortunately, Vick’s numbers were far from dazzling and are likely the reason that he remains unemployed.

In the 10 games for which Vick participated, he completed only 64 of 121 passes for 604 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions, with a 68.3 passer rating.

Ultimately passing on Vick, the Bills signed former Baltimore Ravens backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor and traded for Matt Cassel to join third-year quarterback E.J. Manuel.

As for who will be calling the signals in Buffalo, Ryan reported he may not officially name the team’s starter until their season-opener on September 13. This either means that Ryan has no clue which one of his three underwhelming quarterbacks will win the job, or he just wants to keep things mysterious in Buffalo.

We all know Ryan loves to surround himself in drama.

Unfortunately for Vick, unless a team in dire need calls, it looks like the 35 year old will be watching football from the comfort of his warm home this year.

Photo: USA Today Sports