Report: Vince McMahon files five trademarks for XFL

It could really be happening. And we couldn’t possibly be more excited. Okay, we could. But still, this is pretty darn awesome.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Vince McMahon and and his Alpha Entertainment company have officially filed for five trademarks pertaining to XFL.

This means that the WWE majority owner and CEO is dead serious about revitalizing the long defunct XFL professional football league, which lasted a full one season back in 2001.

A joint venture between NBC and WWE, this league drew initial interest as it premiered immediately after the Super Bowl that February. But it flamed out in epic fashion, folding just months after opening kickoff.

Now, years removed the league sinking, it looks like McMahon and Co. are looking to get back in the football business. Whether this happens to be more successful remains to be seen.