Report: Tyreek Hill could face fine for flashing peace sign on TD

Tyreek Hill

Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill made one of the big plays that helped his team take down the New England Patriots in the 2017 opener Thursday night. He was the recipient of a perfect pass thrown by Alex Smith on his 75-yard touchdown reception and he flashed a peace sign at New England’s defenders as he sprinted to the end zone (watch here).

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Hill could be in line for a fine for that gesture.

“As one source with extensive knowledge of the league’s rules told PFT, Hill directed the gesture at an opponent, so it should have been a foul for taunting.”

The NFL has relaxed its celebration rules. But players are still not allowed to taunt other players as part of their celebrations, which Hill clearly did here. It’ll be interesting to see exactly how much Hill’s peace sign will hit him in the wallet, if the NFL does decide to issue a fine for what should have been a penalty.