Report: Trevone Boykin to switch to WR following 2015 season for NFL

TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin is reportedly leaning towards making a switch from quarterback to receiver after the 2015 college football season. He’s looking ahead towards the NFL, per the report, and believes his future might be brighter as a receiver than as a mobile quarterback.

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report is responsible for this rumor. Citing Boykin’s four interceptions against Oklahoma State, Cole says the quarterback realizes a switch is best for his career.

“According to sources close to Boykin, [his four interceptions] is likely to mean he’s going to make the transition from quarterback to another position. That position is wide receiver,” Cole says.

Cole goes on to refer to Boykin’s first years at school, where he was a receiver (and amazing overall athlete) and injuries forced him into the quarterback role.

“What Boykin wants to avoid is the pratfall that Terrelle Pryor went through at Ohio State,” Cole adds.

This is the same thing that happened with talented athlete and former Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller, who had the luxury of playing on the same team as two other talented passers. Unfortunately for Boykin, he’s been the only guy that can carry the offense, so he has — quite successfully — played that role for the Horned Frogs.

Boykin is hoping he has enough time to develop his skills as a receiver early in his career. Clearly, he has the speed, agility and athleticism to excel as a pass-catcher. However, as many talented athletes have discovered, you need much more than your natural abilities to make a lasting impact.

This is a fascinating development we’ll be tracking closely as the 2016 NFL Draft comes into the forefront following the college football and NFL seasons.