Report: Tom Brady appeal hearing transcript will eventually be public

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has taken his four-game suspension to federal appeals court, but judge Richard M. Berman is making sure all evidence in the case becomes available.

ProFootballTalk revealed that the paperwork submitted for the case will not be under seal.

What that means is the transcript from Brady’s recent 10-hour appeal to Roger Goodell and the NFL will eventually be a public record. According to PFT:

“The NFLPA previously attached the transcript as an exhibit to the filing made under seal in federal court in Minnesota. With that case transferred back to New York, the union soon will be re-filing its initial submission, with the transcript as an exhibit.”

Without a doubt, some will initially respond to the news with a simple, “Who cares?! Deflategate is an old, annoying story! Move on!” And that view is perfectly understandable.

However, judge Berman’s ruling is actually a tremendous victory for NFL fans, even if they’re sick of the Brady saga. Soon enough, we’ll have a little insight into how Goodell and Co. handled the appeal, as well as the multiple defenses Brady and Co. used in attempt to prove the quarterback’s innocence.

Should Brady fall short in this appeal—and he probably will—the four-time champion will make his season debut against the Indianapolis Colts during Week 6 of the 2015 season.

Photo: USA Today Sports