Report: Texans-Jaguars game remaining in Houston

By Vincent Frank
By eschipul / wiki Commons

There was some thought given to the idea that the Houston Texans would have to play their Week 1 home game elsewhere after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area.

In fact, both San Antonio and Jacksonville had offered up their digs to the Texans as a way to show solidarity with a team that was hit hard by the natural disaster.

In a bit of good news on Monday, it’s now being reported that the Texans will in fact play their game against the Jaguars at NRG Stadium in Houston.

This is definitely going to be part of the rebuilding process in Houston. Getting back to normalcy. Moving forward with your everyday lives.

For the Texans, they expect it to be a raucous environment against the division-rival Jaguars come Sunday. It should be fun.