Report: Teams told Colin Kaepernick they wouldn’t sign him if he continued protest

There now seems to be some method to all the madness. Mere hours after it was reported San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick would not protest the national anthem next season, comes this rather interesting tidbit from Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole.

This seems to make some sense from a business standpoint. If Kaepernick himself is looking to latch on with another team in free agency, being divisive isn’t necessarily the way to do it.

Though, there will surely be criticism thrown the quarterback’s way. Some will conclude that Kaepernick is making a business decision that overrides his personal belief that police brutality and injustices directed at minorities is widespread in the United States.

Others will conclude that Kaepernick, who is a major figure within the community, has changed the dialogue as it relates to race relations in the United States.

Either way we spin it, anything the embattled quarterback does will be placed under a microscope. He put himself in this position by acting as a voice and giving a platform to the issues of the day. Whether that will lead to a lack of interest in him on the free-agent market remains to be seen.

Coming off a 2016 campaign that saw him combine for 18 total touchdowns and four interceptions, Kaepernick has decided to opt out of his contract with the 49ers. He will be a free agent next week.