Report: Stephen Curry could get $207 million contract

Stephen Curry

While his teammate Draymond Green might not be too happy with the new collective bargaining agreement, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry could very well benefit from it. At least, from a financial perspective.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Marc Stein, Curry could be eligible to break the bank big time when he hits free agency in July.

“Curry will be eligible in July for a new deal that sources say would be worth an estimated $207 million over five years, making it the richest contract in league history and paying out an estimated $47 million in the final season,” the report read.

The new CBA has a provision in place that enables superstars who have played with one team for their entire careers to sign contracts valued at up to 35 percent of their team’s cap. That’s where the $207 million over five years comes into play for Curry.

Currently playing under the four-year, $44 million contract he signed back in 2013, Curry is among the most undervalued players in the professional sports world. That will definitely change come summer time.

Interestingly enough, new Warriors forward Kevin Durant wouldn’t be eligible to receive the same payday as Curry. Instead, he’s capped out at $36 million per season. This means that Durant left $27 million on the table by moving on from the Oklahoma City Thunder during the summer.

Either way, should Durant and Curry both re-sign with the Warriors, as expected, they will be the highest-paid teammates in the history of the NBA.