Report: Sam Bradford and the Eagles Have Yet to Discuss a Contract Extension

Considered a highly questionable move from day one, the Philadelphia Eagles’ acquisition of Sam Bradford in a deal with St. Louis still continues to be the talk of water coolers around Philly.

While we are waiting for the Eagles to prove that they love Bradford as their long-term face of the franchise, there has yet to be any significant talks occur between the two parties when it comes to Bradford’s current contract. On course to earn nearly $13 million this year, due to Bradford’s inflated rookie deal, it appears that Philadelphia is dragging its feet at this point.

An extension would benefit both parties, allowing Bradford long-term security and the Eagles relief to their salary cap. However, as the clock ticks closer to the upcoming NFL draft next week, the likelihood a deal will be struck before Thursday does not seem to be real good.

With an unsettled contract, it is appearing more like Bradford’s stint in Philadelphia could be a ploy to use him as trade bait to move up in the draft. We all know that Kelly has made his interest in Marcus Mariota well-known over the past few months. And while Bradford is willing to restructure his contract with the Eagles, it is reported that he would not have that same willingness if he was traded to another team.

Playing a factor in whether the Eagles’ loyalty lies with Bradford is that fact the team re-signed quarterback Mark Sanchez shortly before trading for Bradford. Additionally, the Eagles signed quarterback Tim Tebow in yet another mind-blowing move last week.

If Bradford is feeling nervous at the moment with his long-term future in flux, who could blame him?

Photo: USA Today Sports