Report: Redskins QB Kirk Cousins expected to sign franchise tag tender

Kirk Cousins' future in Washington Redskins is up in the air

Kirk Cousins might not want to be in Washington. It sure looks like he would rather play for his former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan with the San Francisco 49ers (more on that here).

Unfortunately for Cousins, that possibility seems remote considering he had the exclusive-rights franchise tag placed on him in early March.

Unhappy with the situation in Washington, Cousins reportedly still plans on signing his franchise tag tender here soon.

In no way is this an indication that the Pro Bowler will be back with the Redskins next season. A lot can happen between now and the start of the 2017 season. A trade to San Francisco still remains possible. But it’s a clear indication that Cousins views that as a long shot right now.

If he does indeed play under the franchise tag next season, Cousins will earn nearly $25 million in cold hard cash. Following that, he will likely be free to sign wherever he wants in March of 2018.