Report: Pair of million-dollar bets on Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor fight

For a boxing match set to give Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor massive payouts, perhaps it’s only fitting that million-dollar bets have been placed on the upcoming rumble.

According to Todd Dewey of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, two bettors have placed seven-figure wagers on Mayweather to win.

Dewey notes the William Hill sports book took a $1.2 million bet on Mayweather at minus-500, which would gain $240,000 if the undefeated boxer remains that way. And at the Bellagio, someone ponied up $1 million at minus-550, a wager worth $182,000 in addition to the original bet.

In comparison, the largest bet (to this point) on McGregor is $150,000 at William Hill. That alone should explain how much of a mismatch this hyped event is on paper.

But it also perfectly fits the lingering question: What if we’re wrong?

McGregor, a UFC fighter, shouldn’t stand a chance in the ring against one of the most recognizable boxers in history. “Conor’s never been in a true boxing match in his life and Floyd’s the best there’s ever been,” said Nick Bogdanovich, the sports book director at William Hill, according to Dewey.

And for that reason, the smart money is on Mayweather. Both individuals are premier athletes and dominant in the sport they’re known for, but this match isn’t really a compromise between the two.

Sure, the Nevada Athletic Commission approved a one-time waiver for eight-ounce gloves. However, that only gives McGregor, quite literally, a puncher’s chance against Mayweather, who is 49-0 for his career.

Yet Mayweather’s camp isn’t overlooking McGregor. What if we’re wrong?

While the reactions to a stunning McGregor win would be overwhelming, sports books would be out millions and millions of dollars. One thing is certain: They’re pulling for Mayweather the most.