Report: Orlando pushing for MLB expansion team

By Vincent Frank
Chris Flynn/Pixabay

The state of Florida has not been great to Major League Baseball over the past several years. Both the Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays struggled with attendance in a big way this past season.

As for the Rays, that was rather alarming given the team’s status as a playoff team. It also came at a time when the organization openly discussed the possibility of splitting games between Tampa Bay and Montreal.

Despite this, it appears that the city of Orlando, led by Magic co-founder Pat Williams, is looking to add a Major League Baseball expansion team.

This is a rather interesting development in that the NBA initially pushed back against adding the Magic as an expansion team back in the 1980s because the Association feared the smallish market.

Whether Orlando is seen as a viable option for Major League Baseball remains to be seen. The city of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas continue to push for a team. It’s a much more rapidly growing market. Meanwhile, another west coast city in that of Portland wants to add an expansion team.

Either way, it appears that Williams and Co. are shooting their shot.