Report: ‘No deal in sight’ for Von Miller and Broncos

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Von Miller and the Denver Broncos are reportedly still miles apart when it comes to a new contract for the star pass rusher.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter provided these details Wednesday.

Schefter continued, “Not to say it can’t get done, but it will be very difficult for Denver and Von Miller to reach long-term agreement by July 15 deadline.”

This is a stark contrast to what Miller himself told reporters not two days ago when he said there has been a lot of progress made on a potential new deal.

A couple of months ago, a report came out that Miller was seeking upwards of $22 million per year, which is significantly higher than the offer Schefter reports is on the table.

Perhaps even more of a sticking point is the amount of guaranteed cash. Justin Houston’s extension last year with the Kansas City Chiefs included 52 percent guaranteed cash, whereas this current offer would amount to 35 percent, as pointed out by Benjamin Albright of CBS Sports.

Should the Broncos and Miller fail to agree upon a long-term extension, then he would either have to play on a one-year franchise deal worth just under $14.2 million or sit the season out. At this point, it’s hard to imagine he’d be willing to leave that money on the table, but stranger things have happened.

Safe to say, it’s in everyone’s best interests to get a long-term deal worked out before July 15.