Report: NFLPA Will Take Action If Tom Brady’s Suspension is Not Lifted

We are going on almost a month since the NFL heard New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s appeal stemming from the four-game suspension the league levied against him.

Commissioner Roger Goodell, who served the punishment and resided over the appeal, has yet to provide a timetable on a ruling.

Speaking on behalf of the union, Eric Winston expressed frustration about the manner in which the NFL has handled the appeal. Winston stated the union is prepared to “take the next step” if Brady’s suspension is not lifted:

“It’s not even worth trying to guess what’s going on because it doesn’t seem like all the time that they know what’s going on. I hope they do the right thing,” the NFLPA president said, via The Los Angeles Times. “I hope they exonerate Tom and overturn his suspension, but if they don’t, we’re prepared to take the next step, whatever that next step might be.”

It is not clear at this time what steps the NFLPA might take if Brady’s suspension isn’t overturned on appeal. However, Brady is reportedly ready to take his suspension to federal court.

Brady was given his four-game suspension in May after an “independent” investigation conducted by attorney Ted Wells concluded it was more than probable that Brady had general knowledge that team locker room attendants tampered with the footballs used in the AFC Championship game.

Brady denied any wrongdoing. His appeal hearing took place on June 23. Over the past month, Brady, along with his teammates, have shown their frustration on how long the process is taking.

The NFLPA agrees:

“Why it takes over a month, and why it took six months to get to that point before that, and the constant feet-dragging on not just Tom’s issue but all the issues, to me, just seems a bit ridiculous and doesn’t serve the players very well,” Winston said. “But that’s where we’re at now, and we’re just going to have to continue to keep advocating for our players.”

It would seem logical that a ruling should come before the Patriots begin their preseason games. Although, it’s really anyone’s guess at this point what is going on in the commissioner’s mind.

Photo: USA Today Sports