Report: NFL Denies Union’s Motion for Roger Goodell to Recuse Himself from Tom Brady Appeal

By Vincent Frank

In the least surprising news of the entire Deflategate scandal, it is being reported that the NFL denied the National Football League Players Association’s request for Roger Goodell to recuse himself from Tom Brady’s appeal.

Goodell appointed himself to oversee the appeal of the four-game suspension that the NFL levied against Brady for his alleged role in the deflation of footballs prior to the AFC Championship game this past January.

By deciding against recusing himself, Goodell may very well be setting the NFL up for a legal battle with the union—a union that has already announced it is taking the league to federal court over two other situations.

The union’s argument will now be that Goodell’s power as judge, jury and executioner goes beyond the limits of the current collective bargaining agreement as well as the league’s constitution and bylaws. The NFL’s argument will be that the union signed off on this power during the 2011 collective bargaining agreement.

Photo: USA Today Sports