Report: NFL considering rule to eliminate chop blocks

Courtesy of Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL continues to wrestle with making the game safer for its athletes, Adam Schefter reports the league is considering a ban on chop blocks.

At least one former defensive lineman approves this line of thinking, which is hardly surprising.

For those who might not be familiar with what a chop block constitutes, it’s when an offensive lineman, tight end or running back takes a dive at a defender’s knees in an attempt to “chop” the defender to the ground. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to the official NFL player conduct guide.

Here is an example of a chop block in action.

Many defensive players have had seasons ended because of this play, which has been legal in the NFL since its inception provided certain qualifiers are met.

Considered to be a dirty play by many, this is a block that should be penalized, and penalized harshly (15-yard variety) to ensure the safety of defensive linemen and linebackers charging hard to make plays.