Report: Mike McCarthy job security ‘up in the air’ in Green Bay

Mike McCarthy

After yet another awful job of game management that led to a Green Bay Packers loss on Thursday night, head coach Mike McCarthy is clearly on the hot seat.

In an appearance on NFL Network Friday, Ian Rapoport said McCarthy’s job security is “pretty clearly up in the air” and that the Packers would be taking a hard look at things after this season is concluded.

“It is fair to say that at the end of the season the powers that be in Green Bay are going to have to take a hard look at that,” he said. Rapoport also highlighted the “tension between Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy,” which is a well-known issue at this point.

Many people believe the Packers have done as well as they have in the McCarthy era more in spite of the head coach than because of what he brings to the table. For what it’s worth, this scribe is continually baffled at how McCarthy’s team continually underperforms, and it’s maddening to see one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time be continually held back because of an antiquated scheme that everyone knows is coming.

For what it’s worth, McCarthy has a 125-74-2 regular-season record, is 10-8 in the playoffs and has won a Super Bowl.