Report: Michael Floyd could be heading back to jail for failing alcohol tests

Former Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots wide receiver Michael Floyd has a new lease on life after the Minnesota Vikings signed him this offseason. This doesn’t mean that his past is completely behind him.

Floyd is currently on probation after a DUI arrest in Arizona last December. It’s a situation that forced the Cardinals to waive the former first-round pick. Floyd also spent time in jail as part of the sentencing for the alcohol-related arrest.

Now, it looks like Floyd is in more trouble.

According to TMZ Sports, the former 1,000-yard receiver tested positive for alcohol during house arrest visits this week.

“A rep for the Scottsdale City Court confirms … Floyd’s alcohol monitoring system flagged 5 events during June 11th and 12th,” the report read. “At least three of the events were described to us as ‘high alcohol tests.'”

Under the terms of Floyd’s probation, he is not to assume any alcohol while under house arrest. The receiver also claims that Kombucha — a fermented tea with a low level of alcohol — is to blame for the positive tests. Though, based on his blood alcohol content, that’s highly unlikely.

At this point, the judge in Floyd’s case could potentially order him back to jail. Whether that happens is anyone’s guess.