Report: LeBron James ‘unequivocally’ will leave Cavaliers for Lakers in 2018

It’s been reported for months now that LeBron James will leave the Cleveland Cavaliers when free agency hits in 2018. The Los Angeles Lakers have been mentioned on many an occasion as the team King James is most likely to join.

The latest trade that brought Isaiah Thomas to Cleveland reportedly hasn’t sat well with James. This has further sparked rumors he’ll leave Cleveland for a second time when his player option comes up.

Now comes a new report from Peter Vecsey in which he attempts to dispel any notion that there’s hope for Cavaliers fans as it concerns James possibly staying in Cleveland.

“I’m publicly terminating the pandemic of speculation surrounding LeBron James’ playing plans past this season,” wrote Vecsey. “For months, many in the media declared or composed presumption the Lakers would be the beneficiaries of his talents when he became a free agent July 1, 2018. I’m eradicating all conjecture and uncertainty! I’m comfortable now in stating unequivocally, LeBron will leave the Cavaliers a second time and join the Lakers, and return the team to LA Lore status.”

Given the fact that James’ wife has reportedly been itching for a full-time move to Los Angeles, this wouldn’t be shocking whatsoever. On top of that, James must be getting tired of dealing with the dysfunction that resides in Cleveland as long as Dan Gilbert is the team’s owner.

We’d be shocked if James actually did stay in Cleveland after the upcoming season. And the Lakers do make sense for a number of reasons, though it wouldn’t make James’ quest for more rings any easier to move to the Western Conference.