Report: Jonathan Martin had gun, knife and axe on him when arrested

We’re now getting a bit more information surrounding the disturbing story leading up to the arrest of former NFLer Jonathan Martin last month in California.

After seemingly threatening his former Harvard-Westlake high school as well as the Miami Dolphins in a social media post, Martin was detained by authorities and placed on a psychiatric hold at a mental health hospital.

Now comes this report from TMZ Sports, referencing court documents, that indicates Martin was in possession of a loaded 12-gauge shotgun, a knife and an axe when he was apprehended by authorities at a hospital in Southern California. In addition to this, police found another gun at his parents’ home.

TMZ Sports also has a bit more information regarding Martin’s mentality leading up to the arrest last month.

“Officials spoke with Martin’s girlfriend who said he’d been angry and depressed since she’s known him but over the past month started making suicidal statements,” the report notes.

The girlfriend also told authorities that Martin had literally “been writing on walls” at home.

Obviously, there’s something not right about the former Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman. The hope here is that he gets the necessary help to put this past him. That’s not only because of his own well-being, but the safety of the general public as a whole.