Report: Hawks won’t match New York’s offer sheet for Tim Hardaway Jr.

The New York Knicks offered restricted free agent Tim Hardaway Jr. a whopping $71 million over four years, and the Atlanta Hawks aren’t expected to match.

It’s hardly surprising that Atlanta isn’t interested in matching this offer. In fact, it’s been reported that league executives are “baffled” New York would extend such a lucrative offer to Hardaway Jr. in the first place.

While Hardaway Jr. did evolve into a solid wing player last year in Atlanta, he’s hardly a star. Last season, he averaged¬†14.5 points a game and hit on 35.7 percent of his 3-point attempts.

The Knicks have made many baffling personnel moves in the past decade-plus. So it’s not all that shocking they’re about to overpay for Hardaway Jr. The Hawks are a team in need of a new identity anyway, so it’s probably better in the long run that they let him go.