Report: Earl Thomas enrolled his children at school in Texas

Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys, and now he is a free agent who can sign with any team that wants him when the new league year opens up in March.

Of course, all that is common knowledge. But here’s an interesting kicker: According to Mike Fisher of CBS 247 Sports, Thomas and his wife Nina just enrolled their children at a school in Austin, Texas.

This could mean nothing in terms of free agency. Austin isn’t exactly right down the street from Arlington, where the Cowboys play. It’s about 200 miles away, in fact.

Thomas is a Texas native. He was born in Orange and played his college ball with the Longhorns. So, this could be just him wanting to permanently move back home and return to his roots.

But it also could very well mean he will be doing everything it takes to play for the Cowboys next season, as we predicted he will. Stay tuned.