Report: Demaryius Thomas Wants Calvin Johnson-Type Money

By Rachel Wold

Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas has been quiet the last several months. The includes the star pass catcher being an obvious no-show at all the team’s offseason activities.

The reason for Thomas’ absence is the fact that he wants to get paid on a long-term deal. Instead, the Broncos tendered him the franchise tag worth $12.8 million—a tender he has yet to sign.

Thomas reportedly wants a salary in the neighborhood of what Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson earns.

According to the Denver Post, Thomas is seeking a deal that would pay him over $16 million a year with over $48 million guaranteed. If Thomas remains unsigned with the Broncos come July 15, he must play under his franchise tender or sit out for the season.

With Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant somewhat in the same boat, it will be interesting to see if he cracks a deal with his team prior to July 15. Talks are reportedly getting closer on Bryant’s front. Should the two sides come to an agreement, it could set the market Thomas.

Logically, Thomas could end up negotiating a deal somewhere between the $16.2 million Johnson is earning annually and the $12 million annual price tag Minnesota Vikings receiver Mike Wallace is earning.

At this time, we do not know how far apart Thomas and the Broncos are from agreeing on a magic number. That number just won’t be the same Megatron sees on his annual paycheck.

With the clock continuing to tick, the Broncos need to find a way to get Thomas back in the fold. Considering the team is under a completely new coaching staff, this is of utmost importance.

Photo: USA Today Sports