Report: Cowboys ‘not aware’ of any impending Ezekiel Elliott suspension

Ezekiel Elliott suspension

If Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is facing a suspension, the team reportedly has no knowledge that it might becoming soon.

Elliott has been under investigation by the league since July of last year after his ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence.

Police cleared Elliott fairly quickly in this case, and it was reported the woman had previously threatened to ruin Elliott if he left her. Despite that, the NFL has continued to investigate this matter, and the lengthy investigation has not surprisingly been a source of frustration for him.

On Friday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Elliott is “bracing” for a suspension and that there is a “growing sense” the running back will face a short-term ban.

Though this isn’t indicative of what will occur, the Cowboys are reportedly “not aware” of any Ezekiel Elliott suspension coming.

Typically, teams are aware that suspensions are looming before they happen. So if the Cowboys aren’t aware one could be coming for Elliott it might mean there is nothing to worry about. That’s not to say it won’t happen, though.

Obviously the Cowboys would be in a tight spot if Elliott is suspended at the beginning of this upcoming season. Especially considering their first two games come against the New York Giants and Denver Broncos.

No doubt the team is a bit anxious about all this, not to mention Elliott himself. We’ll definitely be staying on top of this story until it is ultimately resolved, so stay tuned.