Report: ‘Completely false’ to assume LeBron James has already made decision

On Sunday morning, a report from Nick Wright of Fox Sports 1 stated that LeBron James had already come to a decision, which he would announce Tuesday morning.

In direct contraction to that report, Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports wrote Sunday afternoon that “A source close to LeBron James says that James has NOT made any decision yet, and that it would be completely false to assume otherwise.”

He also noted that, as Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported Sunday morning, James’ agent, Rich Paul, was visiting with Philadelphia 76ers’ leadership on Sunday in Los Angeles.

It did seem very strange that James supposedly had already made his decision before that meeting with Philly’s brass had concluded. With that in mind, this scribe is more inclined to trust Schultz and Wojnarowski’s reporting on James’ free agency than what Wright reported.

That being said, it is silly season in the NBA, and every report is at least in part laced with uncertainty.

We’ll all know soon enough what James will do. He’s reportedly been in touch with Kawhi Leonard, who wants to play with him. And Leonard is also a big target of the Philly brass, meaning it’s not inconceivable that both James and Leonard end up playing for the Sixers in 2018-19.