Report: Colin Kaepernick ‘wants to be a Seahawk,’ content to be backup

Colin Kaepernick

The Seattle Seahawks hosted Colin Kaepernick Wednesday, and the meeting between the two parties went well. Now new information is coming out on this front, most notably that Kaepernick “wants to be a Seahawk” and that he has no issues at all being a backup to Russell Wilson.

Much has been written about why Seattle makes perfect sense as the landing spot for the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback. We tend to agree.

Given Wilson’s pedigree and command of the team’s offense, there would be absolutely no way a quarterback controversy would exist. But given the fact the Seahawks don’t have anyone of any substance behind Wilson, adding a player of Kaepernick’s pedigree who is also a similar quarterback in terms of style is a logical move.

The Seahawks also hosted free agent Austin Davis and have reportedly considered Robert Griffin III. However, at this time it seems like only a matter of time before Kaepernick puts pen to paper to sign a short-term deal that puts him in an NFL locker room for the 2017 season.