Report: Chargers’ No. 3 draft pick getting ‘just as much action’ as Browns’ No. 2

Aaron Doster, USA Today Sports

As the 2016 NFL Draft draws nigh, teams at the top of Round 1 are getting bombarded by phone calls by teams looking to move up. The Cleveland Browns (No. 2) have been drawing all the media attention lately, but Ian Rapoport of NFL Network noted Tuesday evening that the San Diego Chargers (No. 3) are getting “just as much action” for their pick.

Some might assume this means we could see three quarterbacks taken in the first three picks, and that potentially could be the case. It’s possible some teams view either Connor Cook or Paxton Lynch as worthy of being the third man taken after Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. But then again, that might not be the case.

This year’s draft class also features a smooth-as-silk offensive tackle in Laremy Tunsil out of Ole Miss. It also features a defensive back in Jalen Ramsey out of Florida State who was being considered by some as a potential top overall pick by the Tennessee Titans before they traded their selection to the Los Angeles Rams.

Another name to consider is linebacker Myles Jack, who many draftniks see as the top player in the draft.

Of course, we’ve heard conflicting reports about his surgically repaired knee. One report called him a ticking time bomb and said his knee has “bone and cartilage starting to break away.” Some NFL executives had some not-so-nice things to say about that report, however, and said their doctors haven’t told them of any such maladies.

With so many talented players at the top of the draft, and with most experts in agreement that the top is where you need to be this year to land a stud, it’s no wonder the Browns and Chargers are seeing their phones ring off the hook about those two picks.

The one thing we can count on right now, aside from all the rumors, is that the draft is going to be exciting and that trades will happen. We’ll keep you updated on all the latest heading into the first round, which kicks off Thursday, April 28 in Chicago.