Report: Chargers add LaDanian Tomlinson in front office role

The Los Angeles Chargers have reportedly signed LaDanian Tomlinson — one of the greatest San Diego Chargers of all time — to a front office job.

Tomlinson may eventually become a tremendous executive. Still, the public relations part of this can’t be ignored.

While they’ve yet to play a game since the move, the Chargers’ move to Los Angeles has not been received terribly well.

Whether it’s expensive tickets or multiple changes of the the logo, things have not gone smooth for the Chargers since they’ve moved up the coast.

Tomlinson was a franchise icon for the Chargers during their San Diego years. Adding him to the team is a nice way to give the franchise credibility with an NFL icon and possibly extend an olive branch to the spurned fans in San Diego.

Whether it will work remains to be seen, but these are the kind of moves that we should expect to see from the Chargers until a solid base is built in Los Angeles.