Report: Browns fire executive VP Sashi Brown

Sashi Brown is already one of the NFL's top general managers

The Cleveland Browns are starting to clean house.

Less than two years after hiring Sashi Brown, the organization has fired the Executive Vice President. ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Dianni Russini reported the news.

During his tenure overseeing the personnel department, the Browns mustered a horrid 1-27 record. Cleveland currently sits at 0-12 entering Week 14 of the season.

While this move was unexpected at the current time, it’s not a surprise that the organization is reworking the front office. The 2017 campaign marks the franchise’s 10th straight losing record.

The unknown now is how attractive NFL people view this job. Cleveland has a huge amount of draft capital thanks to Brown, but 24 selections in the last two cycles haven’t resulted in a major talent influx. The team currently holds 10 picks for 2018.

Most notably, however, the Browns have simply failed to pick the right quarterback. They elected to pass on both Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson, who have performed like franchise players in a small sample.

Cleveland’s next personnel leader will be tasked with selecting that player. If he also fails to find a quarterback, he’ll meet a similar fate to Brown — and one head coach Hue Jackson could be facing soon.