Reggie Miller: If series was tied, Draymond Green wouldn’t be suspended

By Vincent Frank

The NBA is receiving justifiable backlash for its decision to suspend Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green for Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday.

The situation that led to Green’s suspension saw Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James knock Green to the ground before stepping over the All-Star in an ultimate show of disrespect.

Green’s response, a swipe at James’ groin area and a missed swing at James face, is what led to said suspension. In reality, it was a continuation of issues Green has had all playoffs long, leading to the NBA handing him a Flagrant 1 foul.

Pro Basketball Hall of Famer and NBA analyst Reggie Miller chimed in on the decision on Twitter Sunday. Needless to say, his take has been supported by many around the Association.

It is, however, important to note that NBA’s television money is already locked in for the series. This means that any additional games wouldn’t put more money into the pockets of the Association.

Though, tickets for a potential Game 6 in Cleveland should the Cavaliers fend off elimination with Green sidelined would put money into the pockets of the players, teams and the league as a whole.

It’s definitely an interesting narrative.

If this were Game 7 of the Finals instead of Golden State leading 3-1, would Green be suspended? Pure conjecture, but the chances seem remote in that regard.