Ray Rice speaks to Florida State football team

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has been taking to the motivational speech circuit as of late.

After speaking with rookies on his old team earlier in the summer, the embattled Rice took time out of his day to talk about the ups and downs of his life with the Florida State football team.

“The reason I am not playing football is because of decision making,” Rice said, via Florida State football’s Twitter account. “And I want these guys to understand that … you shouldn’t have to be your own worst enemy.”

Some will question why Rice would be asked to speak to a bunch of teenagers about his career and life choices. After all, here’s a guy that was banished from the NFL after a domestic violence situation with his wife — a situation that was about as ugly as it gets.

That sentiment is more than okay. However, it is created under the umbrella of believing that he hasn’t changed as a man.

In an attempt to return to the NFL, Rice has done everything right since that ugly off-field incident. Whether it leads to a return to the gridiron remains to be seen. What we do know is that his story can act as a cautionary one for those young football players looking for guidance moving forward.

“His speech was tremendous, it really touched me,” offensive lineman Wilson Bell said.

If nothing else, maybe Rice’s candid way of talking about his past can help these youngsters avoid similar mistakes during their collegiate and professional careers.