Ray McDonald’s Mom Claims There is a Witness to Prove His Innocence

Former Chicago Bears defensive lineman Ray McDonald was released by the team following an arrest for an alleged domestic violence episode that occurred Monday. Since then, McDonald was arrested again for violating a restraining order by going to his old residence.

McDonald’s mom and dad stand firm that their son did not attack the mother of his child and that their son’s career has now been destroyed by his ex’s lies.

Ray’s mother, Labrina McDonald, claimed there is a witness who can prove that her son did not get violent with the alleged accuser (via TMZ Sports).

“[Ray’s] personal driver witnessed everything that happened. He never touched her.”

Labrina further supported her son:

“Ray is never going to hit a woman. He may say some stuff to piss them off, he may kick them out of his house. But he’d never lay his hands on them. We didn’t raise him that way.”

McDonald’s father weighed in regarding the second arrest for violating the restraining order, stating the obvious:

“He should not have been there.”

Both parents understand that McDonald’s career in the NFL is most likely over. McDonald had previously been investigated for an alleged sexual assault incident that resulted in his release from the San Francisco 49ers in December.

True to form, McDonald’s mom defended her son following that incident as well.

Simply put, football should be the last thing from McDonald’s mind. Getting his act together off the field should be his first priority.

As for McDonald’s driver being a witness to his innocence, it will be interesting to see if he or she actually speaks up. Until, then his parents defending him really can’t be seen as anything more than blind parental support.

Photo: USA Today Sports