Rams fans chant ‘We want Goff!’ as Case Keenum struggles

Los Angeles Rams fans are apparently over watching Case Keenum struggle. In¬†Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, fans at the Coliseum started chanting “We want Goff!” during the second quarter.

The fans also started chanting for Tim Tebow, which should tell you something about how sick and tired they are of watching Keenum play.

Heading into halftime, Keenum had completed just 9-of-19 passes for 115 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. He had also been sacked twice and fumbled the ball once, recovered by teammate Benjamin Cunningham.

The Rams have been staunchly against letting Goff into the games this year, and it’s kind of a known fact that they’d rather he didn’t play at all this year.

With that in mind, don’t be surprised if Jeff Fisher continues to be deaf to the growing chorus calling for the rookie to finally get his shot to play.