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Raiders WR Antonio Brown files grievance with the NFL

Vincent Frank
Antonio Brown
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The summer of drama surrounding new Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown apparently isn’t close to dying down.

Brown, who remains away from training camp while dealing with a foot injury, just filed a grievance with the NFL demanding that he be able to wear a specific type of helmet this season.

Really. This is a thing.

“New NFL rules being enforced this season say he can’t. The helmet that Brown is comfortable in and has worn throughout his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers is no longer certified by NOCSAE — the National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter noted.

A hearing is expected on the matter as early as next week. According to the report, some around the league believe that Brown’s absence from camp has had to do with the helmet issue. Brown has worn a specific type of helmet throughout his career. But new league policy prevents him from wearing it this season.

In a statement to ESPN, the Raiders noted that they are “aware and supportive of Antonio Brown, but have no further comment.”