WATCH: Quinndary Weatherspoon hits game-winning 3 at the buzzer to take down Baylor

By Jesse Reed

The NIT Tournament doesn’t get as much fanfare as the NCAA Tournament, but there’s a ton of tremendous basketball to soak in right now as both tourneys take place. On Sunday as Mississippi State battled Baylor, the game came down to the wire with Quinndary Weatherspoon issuing the final verdict.

The junior guard was sprinting down the floor when he received a pass behind the arc with time ticking down, the Bulldogs down by two points. As the ball came down toward the rim, the final buzzer sounded. After hitting the back of the rim, it took a friendly bounce and settled into the bottom of the net.

Weatherspoon finished the game with 13 points, three rebounds, five assists and a steal. This shot propelled Mississippi State into the quarterfinals. At this time the team’s next opponent is unknown.