Prosecutors File Documents to Have Adrian Peterson Arrested

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is out on $15,000 bond after being arrested on child abuse charges last month. It now appears that prosecutors in Texas have filed papers to have Peterson arrested again after he admitted to using marijuana, which is a violation of his bond conditions (via Fox 26 News).

 Montgomery County prosecutors have filed documents to have suspended Minnesota Vikings player Adrian Peterson arrested again after he admitted to using drugs in violation of his bond conditions, FOX 26 News has learned.

The report goes on to indicate that no action will be taken against Peterson on Thursday, as the judge in his case is facing a recusal hearing scheduled to take place on Friday morning.

If Peterson’s bond is revoked, it could mean that he will have to remain in jail until the case, which is set to begin on December 1st, is completed. But in no way is that a certainty at this point. The likelihood here is that he will have to go in front of the judge and face another bond hearing.

The reality here is that Peterson likely did violate his bond conditions, which is something that the court takes seriously. However minor the use of marijuana might be, that’s really not the issue here.

Photo: USA Today