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Players must inform NBA by next week if they don’t plan to resume 2019-20 season

Vincent Frank
Brooklyn Nets PG Kyrie Irving during NBA game
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Regardless of all the drama behind the scenes, the 2019-20 NBA season will resume July 30 at Walt Disney World in Orlando. The Association is allowing players to opt out of returning this season. It has now given said players a hard deadline.

Players must inform the NBA by June 24 if they don’t plan on taking part in the remainder of the season

This is no small thing. It gives teams time to transition to the resumption of the season should a star player or two opt to sit out. There’s been a number of players display hesitation, both due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the racial tensions in American society today.

Kyrie Irving leads the charge of players who might sit out

Unlike others who are more concerned about the ongoing worldwide pandemic, this NBA champion doesn’t believe resuming the season amid the growing racial tensions in the United States makes a lot of sense. Just recently, Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard backed up Mr. Irving.

Plans for 2019-20 NBA season returning at Walt Disney World

Despite this, the NBA plans to be fully operational within the next six weeks. A total of 22 teams will return to the season at Walt Disney World’s bubble city. Each team will play eight regular season games. If need be, a play-in-tournament would take place ahead of the start of the playoffs.

Impact if star players decide to sit out?

Irving and his Nets are not considered title contenders heading into next month. Meanwhile, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James seemingly fully supports the NBA season resuming. A vast majority of other players will line up behind King James.

Though, what if a star player on a contending team opts to sit out? That would almost certainly lead to questions about the legitimacy of the eventual champion.