Philadelphia Phillies Fans Are the Biggest Bandwagon Jumpers

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. According to a study conducted by Emory Sports Marketing Analytics, the Philadelphia Phillies sport the biggest bandwagon fans in professional sports. 

Phillies’ attendence is down to 30,000 and change this season compared to 45,440 in 2011, the last time they made the playoffs. They are 28-36 and in last place in the NL East this season.

According to the study, Philadelphia  boasts the highest “win sensitivity,” which takes into account the difference in attendance for a team based on whether it’s winning or not.


According to the very same poll…

The most demanding MLB fans live in Philadelphia. This fits the stereotype of Philadelphia fans as aggressive, demanding fans that are willing to cheer injuries and boo Santa.

Fans in Philadelphia may have an excuse due to the lackluster front office performance of Ruben Amaro Jr, but that would just be a scapegoat. Look at the Oakland Athletics and owner Lewis Wolff. That stadium, that city, that ownership group and they are not No.  on this list. Try again, Philadelphia.

Photo: NBC New York