Phil Jackson says his controversial tweet was ‘misunderstood’

By Michael Dixon

Following a confusing and controversial tweet responding to an article about Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson has taken to Twitter to offer an apology.

Alright, then.

The tweet, which you can read here, seemed to compare Carmelo to Michael Graham, a former Georgetown star who Jackson coached in the CBA.

That seemed out of place, because while Graham was drafted by the then Seattle Supersonics, he never played an NBA game. Anthony, meanwhile is a former scoring champ and nine-time All-Star, and was integral in restoring pride to USA Basketball, playing on the Olympic team four times and winning three gold medals. Despite his flaws, Carmelo has already done more than enough to earn a Hall of Fame spot.

Like many celebrities, Jackson would be well advised to stay off of Twitter, at least when it comes to communicating anything remotely controversial. Communicating 140 characters (or emojis) at a time is just not very effective.

This particular tweet is a nice step in the right direction towards mending the relationship with Carmelo. It does raise more questions than it answers regarding what may be going through Jackson’s mind (or lungs) at any given time.