Paul Millsap: We were playing basketball, Wizards ‘were playing MMA’

Paul MIllsap

The Washington Wizards overcame early adversity to defeat the Atlanta Hawks in the first game of their first-round matchup Sunday. Along the way, John Wall busted out his version of the Jordan shrug. But according to Hawks forward Paul Millsap, they used some unconventional methods to achieve victory.

It’s worth pointing out that Millsap had a few minor scuffles with Wizards forward¬†Markieff Morris, who might have taken exception to being called “a stretch four” (aka: soft) by his nemesis before the series began.

The two of them also gave us this gem of a sound bite right before halftime, and they had some extra words to share that weren’t picked up by the mic.

For what it’s worth, Millsap shouldn’t expect things to get any easier going forward, either.

Also worth noting is that Morris got the better of Millsap as his Wizards beat the Hawks, 114-107. He outscored Millsap by two (21-19), hauled in five more rebounds (7-2) and blocked four shots.

We can’t wait to see if more fireworks ensue in Game 2.