Pats fan brutally shuts down ESPN Boston Marathon sign request

Boston Marathon

After winning Super Bowl LI, have the New England Patriots fans cooled on the way the Deflategate scandal was handled by ESPN? Apparently not. Pats fans are still letting the network know that it deserves a lot of blame, at least as far as they’re concerned.

It all started innocently enough.

A man was spotted on the side of the road during Monday’s Boston Marathon. As a way of encouraging the runners, he had a sign reminding everyone of what the Patriots had to overcome to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

Another man took a photo and shared it to Twitter.

Naturally, ESPN thought that this picture might make for good television and asked for permission to use it.

That’s where things took an abrupt turn. The man who posted the picture was not keen on the idea of it being used by ESPN and made his feelings well known, to say the least.

“after the witch hunt ESPN led against tom brady? absolutely the (expletive) not. in fact block me right now. go (expletive) yourselves,” the tweet said.

This is not the first time that a New England fan has berated ESPN for its role in Deflategate.

The Worldwide Leader may want to take note and realize it’s not winning any popularity contests among Pats fans right now and perhaps not waste time asking for permission. On the positive end, these rejection notices sure are entertaining.