Packers coach questions Aaron Rodgers’ leadership in eye-opening tweet

Aaron Rodgers

In the wake of Green Bay firing head coach Mike McCarthy, who had a contentious relationship with Aaron Rodgers in recent years, one Packers coach had something very interesting to say about the quarterback.

In a message sent on Twitter Tuesday morning, Packers associate head coach and linebackers coach Winston Moss questioned Rodgers’ leadership and made it clear the team needs someone to come in and hold the quarterback accountable.

We’ve seen others who have played with Rodgers in the past questioning his leadership as well.

Heck, none other than Brett Favre has done this in the past, so this isn’t out of the blue.

However, for a coach — a current coach, at that — to make this type of public statement is quite extraordinary.

Whatever happens going forward, it’s going to be fascinating to see how the Packers handle the new era, sans Mike McCarthy.