Ohio State fan pens vicious hate letter to kicker Tyler Durbin

The Ohio State Buckeyes were shut out, 31-0, by Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl, but one crazy fan thinks kicker Tyler Durbin is to blame for the blowout loss.

Durbin missed to early 47-yard field goals, costing the Buckeyes a chance to gain some early momentum and take an early lead over the Tigers. To be sure, his misses had something to do with the flow of the game and the outcome, but by no means was he responsible for what was an embarrassing display of offensive ineptitude.

Quarterback J.T. Barrett was abysmal, going 19-of-33 passing for just 127 yards (3.2 yards per attempt) with no touchdowns and two interceptions. Curtis Samuel wasn’t his normal electric self and made some mental errors. Mike Weber fumbled twice, losing one of them. Heck, the defense was repeatedly torched by Deshaun Watson.

It was a team effort blowout loss.

Still, one fan blamed Durbin enough that they sent him a vicious hate letter that includes some language we won’t share on this page (but you can read it here). Among the hateful visceral spewed was the assertion that the kicker took money to shank the kicks and that┬áDurbin’s parents should be embarrassed, rather than proud of their son.

Fans have been getting overly emotional about games since the dawn of time. But it’s just asinine some of the crap players have to put up with after they’ve failed to produce the optimal outcome for their team and fans. This is one of those cases.

No doubt, Durbin feels awful about his misses. Let that be enough.