President Obama’s time on golf course pales in comparison to past presidents

Andrew P. Scott, USA Today Sports

It’s Presidents Day around the United States. This year’s annual celebration of those who have led this nation takes on a whole new meaning with the Presidential Election slated for November.

Speaking of presidents, a lot has been made of Barack Obama’s golf outings since he took¬†office back in January of 2009.

Sure Obama himself loves playing golf. In fact, a recent report suggests that he played 55 rounds of golf during the 2015 calendar year. As of December 31st, the president had taken to the links 269 since taking office (h/t CBS Sports).

While that surely does seem like a lot, it’s important to note that Obama pales in comparison to past presidents.

A report from National Public Radio (NPR) shows that Woodrow Wilson played 1,200 rounds during his two terms in office. Meanwhile, the great Dwight D. Eisenhower played 800 rounds in his two terms.

To put this into perspective, Wilson averaged one round of golf every 2.4 days he was in office. Let’s just hope his handicap improved during that time.

It’s all fun and games. Presidents need an outlet to calm down while performing the¬†most stressful job one can imagine. For Obama, that’s been a combination of golf and basketball. For others, it was hunting and visiting the national parks, among many other hobbies.

The only real question remaining is whether Stephen Curry will be given one more shot to take out the president on the links. After all, we know very well Obama is still holding that over the MVP’s head.