Nick Saban makes hilarious revelation about his technology usage

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban is one of the best coaches and recruiters in the country. Yet in an age where using social media and texting is essential for communication, Saban made a hilarious revelation about his use of technology.

During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, Saban revealed that he has never sent a text or email in his life. During a time when communicating with recruits virtually is more essential than ever, the 68-year-old coach finds other ways to stay in touch.

The revelation is even better because it came just a few weeks after he said he is trying to learn how to text and email during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was going to use his time in isolation to actually learn how to use his phone to text players and coaches across the country.

There seems to be quite the learning curve for Saban. The fact that he still hasn’t sent an email or text after more than two weeks of learning says a lot. Instead of picking up on the latest trends, Saban seems more than happy to just call everyone who texts him.

We would question his methods and his lack of texting, but six national titles and eight SEC championships speak volumes for his approach. It might not be the most conventional method, but there’s a reason he is one of the best recruiters in the country.

If he comes out of this pandemic learning how to text, SEC coaches will be in even more danger during recruiting battles with Alabama.